Wednesday, February 19, 2014

So It's Been A Long Time

I don't know if anyone comes here to visit anymore, its been 15 months since I last posted.

Even though I was never very active on this blog, I find it even harder now to be here.

To say it hasn't been a great 15 months is an understatement.

At the end of February 2013, Meah decided to pick a fight with the Long Dogs as I was mowing the lawn, I am partly to blame I knew it had been brewing for a couple of months and left them alone too long, even thought they were in the backyard while I mowed the front.

Needless to say she came off second best, a trip to the vets numerous stitches and 5 drains, but she survived and that was the main thing, you can read about it here on my main blog warning some of the photos are graphic.

Things picked up in late May 2013, when Quincy had her first litter, 4 beautiful puppies, 2 black and tan boys and 2 chocolate girls, they were beautiful, I hadn't intended to keep anyone, but I did end up keeping a girl Pippa.

Oh in July Mum took in a rescue from the local pound (shelter) Katie, 9-10 months old, very thin, she had been surrendered due to 'biting' the children... there were 5 of them. She had just never had education or food.

Then just before the pups were due to go to their new homes, I went to visit my parents in early August. This is what ripped my world apart, while there, three of my girls took a bait meant for the dog across the road, my parents live in a semi rural area. My beautiful Evie, her daughters Podge and little Ava, just 9 months, all gone in a vicious malicious act. Devestation

So just when the year couldn't get worse, Meah lost an eye due to glaucoma, that was November.

Now just when you are all ready to run for the hills, the year did end on a high. First you have to understand, that yes I do breed my Long Dogs but I never breed my girls twice in a row. There was 20 months between Podge and Ava, they are first and foremost my pets (insert children) they live inside, and are only ever outside when I am with them (now more than ever). So I did something I have never done before I mated Quincy next time she came in to one of Evie's son Frank.

On December 30 Quincy gave birth to four beautiful girls 3 black and tans and 1 chocolate. New Hope Harriet (chocolate) Edith (Edie) Maude (the baby) and Nell (also known as the Vet Bill).

So I sit here tonight with Harriet, Maude and Nell asleep behind me and Quincy sacked on her bed with Edie (she really is Evie and Podge rolled into one dog), Pip is asleep on her bed, with Katie! Quincy still isn't all that keen on sharing her pups.

You'll have to forgive me, I don't know if I can ever come back here... but you can follow the Long Dogs and the rest of our adventures at AndThisLittlePig.

So for now goodbye.