Sunday, May 1, 2011

And The Long Dogs say Autumn Afternoon

Thought I would take advantage of a fine Sunday autumn afternoon, I won't have a chance for for the next four weeks. Work, work and more work.

This is Podge, she is twelve weeks old today, and thought she was very smart to have actually managed to acquire froggie from Meah.
In a very seldom thoughtful moment.
Not quite sure what she was doing here :D
Off after Meah.
Quincy and Evie, yes Evie is on the far side, with froggie, with poor Podge bring up the rear, trying desperately to get those three month old legs to keep up with Mum and her big sister.
Quincy and Podge, Quincy is Podge's older half sister, they have the same Dad.
Evie, Podge's most beautiful Mum.
Just enjoying the sunshine.
And last but not least... My Meah! So obviously not a Long Dog, she is what we call a Mini Foxie downunder, or Rat Terrier, her grandmother is a Chihuahua, believe it or not she weight nearly 8 pound.
Meah playing with froggie.

The Long Dogs or Dachshund (it's pronounced DAKS-huund)